• 04 May 2021
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Splitting allows splitting a column into two given a condition.

  1. Select the column(s) that require splitting.
  2. Choose an option:
  • By delimiter
  • Between delimiters
  • At positions
  • Between positions
  1. Input Delimiter(s)/Position(s)
  2. A preview is displayed for confirmation.

Here are a few examples:

  1. Splitting the weather column by delimiter ‘;’.
weather weather_new_1 weather_new_2
Monday;Sunny Monday Sunny
Tuesday;Rainy Tuesday Rainy
Wednesday;Sunny Wednesday Sunny
  1. Splitting ‘id’ column by position 5.
id id_new_2 id_new_2
A0012GBR A0012 GBR
B0036FR B0036 FR
C0068USA C0068 USA
  1. Between Delimiter:
    Start delimiter: T
    End Delimiter: 1
Id Id_1 Id_2
TL001 cell
TL002 TL002 cell
TL111 11
  1. Between Positions
    Start position: 1
    End position: 1
Id Id_1 Id_2
TL001 T L001
TL002 T L002
TL111 T L111

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